The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood

The Killer Next Door

The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood

Published: 2013




The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood is a wonderful mystery novel.

A killer (known as the Lover), resides in a six-plex at 23 Beulah Grove in London.  All the tenants seem to have something to hide.   Mind you, the place is rather run-down, and the landlord is more of a slumlord,  so if you have something to hide, and can’t risk a credit check or provide references, where else could you live.

So, we have Collette, our newest resident who is running from her boss after seeing him kill someone.  We have Hossein, who has escaped from Iran, and is trying to become a permanent resident of England.  Cher, who is underage and trying to lay low.  Vesta is the oldest member and can stay there as long as she lives.  Gerald keeps to himself, but plays his classical music very loud.  Thomas is rather unassuming but a little too friendly, and does volunteer work at a furniture repair shop.  Oh, and then there’s the cat.  One of them is killing women.

Marwood has each resident telling the story (including the cat).   It is a great way to move from character to character, learn their stories, and keep the novel fresh, and constantly shifting gears.   Some of the interactions are hilarious, especially in hindsight.  

Great read !!! 


Favorite Quote from The Killer Next Door:

“He has had many names and for now it’s Psycho.”


Read: March 2014

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