Wizard And Glass by Stephen King (#4 Dark Tower)

Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower, #4)

Wizard and Glass by Stephen King

Published: 1997




Wizard and Glass by Stephen King is the 4th in the Dark Tower Series.

We had left our “ka-tet” on Blaine the Mono, the train bound for insanity.   This talking train agrees to let them off if they can beat him at “riddling”.  A surprise winner in this one!

So they are on the road again, and a great time for stories.  Finally we hear about Roland’s past.  We hear about his first ka-tet, how he earned his guns, his love for Susan Delgado, and Sheemie.  We also learn about the thinnies, and wizard’s glass, and Rhea, and the Coffin Hunters.  We hear about his highs, and his lows.  And then we move on.

We move on to the “Emerald City”.  Can we say Oz everyone?  Here we learn a little more of Roland’s past.

We move on again, always following the path of the beam.

I love how King often brings in elements already famous from his other novels.  Randall Flagg, and Captain Tripps are both mentioned in this one.

This was a good book, but long.  I realize we had to find out Roland’s back story sooner or later, and although it apparently only took him one night to tell it, the read time was a whole lot longer….guess I’m not living close enough to a thinny.


Favorite Quotes from Wizard and Glass: 

“Long days and pleasant nights, sai,”

“If it’s ka it’ll come like a wind, and your plans will stand before it no more than a barn before a cyclone”

“See the BEAR of fearsome size!
All the WORLD’S within his eyes.
TIME grows thin, the past is a riddle;
The TOWER awaits you in the middle.”


Re-Read: April 2015



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