Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (#4 Twilight)

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Published: 2008



Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is the 4th and last book in the Twilight saga.

This books is divided into sections.

The first section deals with Bella’s marriage to Edward (which was contingent on the fact that they would have sex before he turned her into a vampire).  They are on a very romantic island.  A couple of weeks into the honeymoon, she discovers she is pregnant with a child which is part vampire and part human. It is growing at an alarming rate. Bella is in love with the fetus from the word go.  Edward, not so much. They head home.

The second section is written from the viewpoint of Jacob, who when told of the pregnancy tries to persuade Bella to end it.  When he leaks it to his brother wolves, they want to kill both mother and baby.  Jacob decides to end his relationship with the pack, and protect Bella.

The third section is written by Bella again, a new vampire, with a new daughter Renesmee.  Unfortunately, the child is seen by Irinie, who takes it upon herself to tell the Volturi that an “abomination” has been created.  The Volturi come to kill them all.

Meyer has written a wonderful tale, from first book to last.  Under constant criticism for her writing ability, she has managed to create a following almost as intense as the Harry Potter fans.  (I’m one of those too).  Sometimes if the story is good, you can forgive a few faults.  I will further admit to enjoying the movies.


Favorite Quotes from Breaking Dawn:

“You nicked-named my daughter after the Lock Ness Monster!”

“How dare you imprint on my baby? Have you lost you mind?”


Read: June 2015





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