The Waste Lands by Stephen King (#3 Dark Tower)

The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower #3)

The Waste Lands by Stephen King

Published: 1991



The Waste Lands by Stephen King is the 3rd in the Dark Tower series.

After saving Jake’s life in 1977,  Roland had to leave him behind.  Now Jake is struggling in his world.  He is losing his mind.  Is he dead?  He was sure he died.  Life is not the same anymore.  School is suddenly not going well.  His dad is not happy.   Then he finds a key.  He knows where it fits, but going into that haunted mansion is not something he wants to attempt.

Roland too is losing his mind.   After saving Jake, and yet dropping him off a cliff after that, his mind seems to be shutting down.   Meanwhile, Eddy, Susannah and Roland have found one of the beams that hold the world and are headed to mid-world.  Eddy has something else on his mind.  He thinks he may be able to get Jake.  He is whittling a key.  He knows it will have to be perfect.

This is a very “busy” book.  A lot of little things happen in addition to pulling Jake back into Roland’s world.   Some are pertinent to the continuing story, some not so much.  I could have done without Susannah having sex with the demon, but would never give up the billy-bumbler Oy.  The visit to the town of Lud was scary.

The worst part was that they end up on a train, a very intelligent train, a train that has it’s own mind, and it is going insane.  And THAT is how the book ends.  A cliffhanger????

Classic King in this one!  


Favorite Quotes from The Wasteland:

“Ka was like a wheel, its one purpose to turn, and in the end it always came back to the place where it had started.”

“All things serve the beam”

“See the turtle of enormous girth, on his shell he holds the earth. If you want to run and play, come along the beam today.”


Re-read: April 2015



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