The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King (#2 Dark Tower)

The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower #2)

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King

Published: 1987



The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King is the 2nd in the Dark Tower Series.

This may be my favorite of the series.

This book starts on the beach, where Roland wakes up after his palaver with The Man in Black.  He is attacked by some “lobstrosities”, and loses a few fingers, which is going to prove interesting for the gunslinger, and most of a toe.  Roland is sick.

This book has Roland “draw” three people from our world.  

He draws Eddie Dean, a drug pusher, from 1987.  When Roland finds Eddie, there is cocaine taped to his body, he is on an airplane, and the stewardess is already suspicious.

He draws Odetta Holmes, a black woman in a wheelchair from 1964.  Odetta/Detta seems to be two people, and one of them is stealing from a fancy store and about to be caught.

And he draws Jake, a young boy from 1977, who he already met in the waystation.  We meet Jake this time, just before he will be pushed in front of a car by the same man who is responsible for Odetta’s missing legs.

These four will be travelling companions in search of the dark tower.  They will learn to love, respect and fight for each other.  They will become a family.  But they have to learn to like each other first.


Favorite Quotes from The Drawing of the Three:

“Eddie was doing well. The gunslinger measured just how well by the fact that he was fighting naked. That was hard for a man. Sometimes impossible.”

“What’s ka?” Eddie’s voice was truculent. “I never heard of it. Except if you say it twice you come out with the baby word for shit.


Re-Read: 2015


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