The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

Originally Published: 1977




The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson is filled with controversy.  It was published as “a true story”.  Then we hear that the events happened, but Anson “embellished” them.  Then we hear nothing happened.  Who cares!  It is one of the great horror novels of all time.  

Certain facts can actually be verified.  Ron Defeo shot and killed six members of his family in the house in Amityville New York in November of 1974.  He said he was possessed by the devil.  He was sentenced to 6 consecutive life terms.  His story alone may be worth reading, as I still can’t quite figure out how he shot 6 people without a silencer,  and he did not drug them,  and yet they were all killed while in bed.  No one got up and ran?

However, this book is about the Lutz family who moved into the house vacated by the Defeo family.  They lasted a month before fleeing in terror.  The priest that came to bless the house was told by an unseen voice to “Get Out” and ended up with stigmata.  Then there were the flies.  There was the demon pig.  There was the marching band at 3am in the morning.  Add this to the bumps and noises, and the upside down crucifix…. You can see why the Luz family left.

So whatever you believe, truth or fiction,  it was a great book!

Re-read: 2014

About the Author:  Jay Anson (1921-1980)  was an American author whose most famous work was The Amityville Horror, which was sold as a “true story”.  A film was later made of the book.

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