Must Love Hellhounds, edited by Charlaine Harris

Must Love Hellhounds (Sookie Stackhouse #9.2; Guild Hunter #0.5; Kate Daniels #3.5; The Guardians #5.5)

Must Love Hellhounds, edited by Charlaine Harris

Published: 2009



Must Love Hellhounds has been my introduction to four authors in the paranormal category. It has been an interesting way of meeting the heroes of each series.
I was introduced to Charlaine Harris’s Brittlingen Guards Clovache and Batanya when they go to Hell to retrieve a “stolen” article.

Then I met Nalini Singh’s Guild when the soon-to-be director and “the Slayer” are trying to find the hunter responsible for the vampire attacks.

Next, I met Kate Daniels, (a creation of Ilona Andrews), living in a world where magic has taken over, and the monsters are real, including the one living inside of Kate.

Finally, I was introduced to Meljean Brook’s Guardian Series, and Maggie Winters who is trying to find the kidnapped niece of a powerful vampire.
I was very surprised to find that all four of these short stories were very entertaining…and may very well lead me to read more from each of these very talented authors.


Read: February 2016

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