Buried Angels by Camilla Lackberg (#8 Fjallbacka)

Buried Angels (Patrik Hedström, #8)

Buried Angels by Camilla Lackberg

Originally Published: 2011



Buried Angels by Camilla Lackberg is the 8th in her Swedish crime series starring Detective Patrik Hedstrom and his busybody wife Erika.

Lackberg tells a wonderful tale, always going back in the history of the characters and/or their ancestors to explain the problem being faced today.

This novel revolves around Ebba and her husband Tobias, who return to Ebba’s childhood island home, where her father had taught boys with “military precision”, but whose entire family disappeared one Easter weekend when Ebba was just a toddler. Only Ebba and five boys were left on the island when the police arrived. When Ebba and Tobias return to the island after losing their young son, it appears that old wounds are re-surfacing and Ebba may not survive this time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but they are now very predictable, and where it used to be interesting to see how Erika would insert herself into the drama, it occasionally becomes annoying (this one).  But the plot and mystery is definitely still there !


Read: January 2016




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