The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg (#7 Fjallbacka)

The Lost Boy (Patrik Hedström, #7)

The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg

Originally Published: 2009



The Lost Boy, by Camila Lackberg is the 7th mystery novel in a series which follows Detective Patrick Nordstrom and his team as they solve crime in a small town in Sweden.

Lackberg tackles some heavy subjects in this one, including the drug trade and women’s shelters, not to mention the death of a child. She handled all with grace. 

As usual , Lackberg combines history with current day events, and they all weave together beautifully. So we hear the story of a young woman marrying the man of her dreams, who takes her to live a solitary life in a lighthouse. She is kept there, is abused there, has a child there.

Then present day, a young man who recently returned home to Fjallbacka, is found dead in his apartment. Assumptions are made that his death is because of past work at the Women’s Shelter in a nearby town. Others think it has something to do with his present work on the re-construction of an old building into a multi-million dollar spa/resort.

Lackberg always has a few story lines going at the same time, but remarkably everything stays together.

One of my favorites. Sadness, joy, intrigue.


Read: January 2016


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