The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg (#5 Fjallbacka)

The Hidden Child (Patrik Hedström, #5)

The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg

Originally Published: 2007



The Hidden Child, by Camilla Lackberg is the fifth in a series of mystery novels set in a small town in Sweden (that seems to see a lot of crime).

The main detective Patrick Hedstrom actually takes more of a back seat in this novel (he’s “supposed” to be on paternity leave), but his wife Erica is involved again (she’s supposed to be writing a book). As well, “chief” Melberg is becoming a little more lovable, although he still doesn’t do much work. Anna is battling with her new step-daughter.  The characters just keep getting depth.

Erica has been researching her deceased mothers diaries, and not coming up with any reasons behind the coldness she always showed her daughters when she was alive. She did, however, find a Nazi medal among her mothers things, and left it with a local historian to look into. When he is found dead, it turns out that he and his brother actually knew Erica’s mom.

We learn about the German resistance in WWII, about a young man who escaped to Sweden, and a group of friends in the 1940’s. The diaries contain stories about Erik (the dead historian), Axel who joined the resistance, Frans who ended up being a neo-Nazi sympathizer and Britta, who was in love with Frans. A lot of secrets are about to come to light.

An entertaining read !


Read: November 2015



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