End of the Watch by Stephen King (#3 Bill Hodges)

End of Watch (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #3)

End of the Watch by Stephen King

Published: 2016



End of Watch by Stephen King is the final book in the Bill Hodges Trilogy.

First, let me tell you, that although a lot of people didn’t like the first or the second in this series, I enjoyed the whole story — all three books. Yes, this “mystery” series is a departure from King’s usual horror, but…. I think a lot of people already have an idea how Stephen King writes, and so that is what they expect, and this series is different. Yet its not. It still has the in-depth characters that King always creates, and in this one, a little bit of his usual craziness.

So now we get back Brady Hartsfield, Mr Mercedes himself, who has been in a vegetative state in the Brain Injury Clinic for the past 5 years, after Holly clubbed him before he could take down an arena full of kids at a rock concert. But sometimes a bad penny keeps coming back. Brady has found a new way to torment the world. His life-long fascination with suicide is about to take center stage.

So this is the story of how Retired Detective Bill Hodges, along with Holly, and Jerome, finally face Brady head-on. Only this time, Bill is battling more than just Brady.

A wonderful ride!


Favorite Quotes from End of the Watch:

“End of watch is what they call it, but Hodges himself has found it impossible to give up watching.”

“Being needed is a great thing. Maybe the great thing.”


Read: June 2016

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