Blaze by Richard Bachman


Blaze by Richard Bachman

Published: 2007



Blaze by Richard Bachman (familiarly known as Stephen King), is a sentimental crime story — not typical King horror.

It is the story of Clayton Blaisdell Jr (Blaze), who was thrown down the stairs as a child by a drunk father. He hasn’t been “right” since. He grew up in Hetton House, an orphanage, where he was beaten some more, but it wasn’t all bad. He grew up big, almost 300 lbs, around 6’7″, and the dent in his forehead served as a reminder of his past. But despite his rough start, Blaze grew up kind.

Eventually he was doing small crimes to get by. Then he met George, who had ideas for a hundred cons, and one big idea — a kidnapping. Then they could retire to somewhere warm. Unfortunately, George is killed, and Blaze decides to do it on his own (with George’s voice in his head telling him what to do next). Blaze of course makes many mistakes, but his warmth toward the kidnapping victim is real.

It is a really good story. You know going in that it isn’t going to end well, and you don’t really want to see it happen, but the telling is so good, it makes you stay. And THAT is Stephen King.

Re-Read August 2016

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