Pocketful of God by Chris Culver (#5 Ash Rashid)

Pocketful of God (Ash Rashid Book 5)

Pocketful of God by Chris Culver

Published: 2016



Pocketful of God by Chris Culver is the 5th in the Lieutenant Ash Rashid crime series.

As the head of the Special Crimes Unit, Ash has a new case that again will threaten his entire family – his homelife, his fellow officers, and his religious community. Not all will survive.

When a high ranking member of a community mosque is murdered in his girlfriends’ home, Ash will be the one who has to inform the man’s wife, who has her own agenda. The girlfriend is also keeping secrets. When Ash discovers that the girlfriends’ daughters have been kidnapped and he attempts a rescue, his partner is shot.

Meanwhile, a young pregnant girl is kidnapped by a what appears to be a cult. She’s not the first to disappear.  She is, however, the first one that is high profile.  The head of the cult is an extremist who will stop at nothing to keep his people together.

Ash will eventually figure out that the two cases are related, but the cult is not going to go down without a fight, and lives will be lost.

Another fast-paced book. I love this series.

Read: July 2016



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