By any Means by Chris Culver (#3 Ash Rashid)

By Any Means

By Any Means by Chris Culver

Published: 2014



By Any Means by Chris Culver is the 3rd in a series starring Detective Ash Rashid.

Although Detective Rashid is now in the Community Relations Department for stepping on too many toes, he ends up back in homicide when he stops to check out a routine car accident.

Finding two dead bodies puts him right in the middle of a kidnapping/murder/human trafficking case, and he can’t stop now.  Between FBI involvement,  the fact that one of the dead bodies was the daughter of his old drugloard “friend” Konstantin Bukoholov,  and the fact that Ash has made a lot of enemies in the police department, this is not going to be an easy case.  Even Ramadan is making things even worse.

Another fast-paced crime novel. Culvers’ character descriptions are great, and the routine never gets old. Definitely a fan of Ash Rashid !


Read: April 2016

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