The Twelve by Justin Cronin (#2 The Passage)

The Twelve (The Passage, #2)

The Twelve by Justin Cronin

Published: 2012



The Twelve, by Justin Cronin is the 2nd in the Passages trilogy describing events in an apocalyptic world.

In this second novel, we re-unite with some of the original survivors (some of which we don’t know are alive until part way through). A few years have passed for our “family”, and things are about to change.  They are going hunting. Alicia is out on her own with military instructions, but she has a secret. Peter is part of the Expeditionary. Hollis is slumming it. Michael is in an Oil Refinery, dreaming of the open waters. Greer is in prison, but Amy has a plan.

Meanwhile, Sarah is the in heart of Viral territory, slave to Lila and Guilder, who are using the infected blood of the virals for their own benefits.

But the survivors are rising up to defeat the Virals, and all will be needed, and someone will pay the price.

We meet a lot of new characters in this one, but it is written such as way that you can keep them straight.Really enjoying this series, and looking forward to City of Mirrors.


Favorite Quotes from The Twelve:

“As long as we remember a person, they’re not really gone. Their thoughts, their feelings, their memories, they become a part of us.”

“But I did what I thought was right in the moment. In the end, that’s all a man has to measure his life, and it’s plenty.”

Read: May 2016




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