The Golem of Hollywood by Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman (#1 Jacob Lev)

The Golem of Hollywood (Detective Jacob Lev, #1)

The Golem of Hollywood by Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman

Published: 2013



The Golem of Hollywood by Jonathan Kellerman (and son Jesse), is the 1st in the Detective Jacob Lev mystery series. This is actually part detective series and part paranormal.

It is not necessarily an easy read, as it is told in two parts, current day Lev, and ancient Golem.

Lev is a burned-out detective who is shunted to an obscure Special Projects squad, and told to investigate a murder high in the hills of Hollywood — well, there is a head, no actual body. In the kitchen, seared into the tabletop is the Hebrew word for “justice”. There are no other clues. He meets a beautiful woman who disappears, his new boss and his henchman come and go, and he ends up in Prague climbing a tower to find a clay statue of his father. When in the Czech Republic, Lev discovers the legend of the Golem of Prague, a creature made by a rabbi to protect his congregation many years ago. Looks like it may have come back to life.

Between trying to solve this murder, battling a strange beetle who won’t leave him alone, coming to terms with his father, he is also trying to fight for his own sanity. I really like Lev, his father, and their troubled relationship.

Loved this fresh new series. The Kellerman’s definitely write well together.


Read: March 2016



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