You’re Not Safe by Mary Burton (#3 Texas Rangers)

You're Not Safe (Texas Rangers, #3)

You’re Not Safe by Mary Burton

Published: 2014



You’re Not Safe by Mary Burton is the 3rd and final in the Texas Rangers Crime/Romance Series.

FYI, as far as I was concerned, this is not a series per se. They can all be read as stand alone books. Although each book mentions characters from the other books, they aren’t a big part of each others story.

Anyway, I have actually enjoyed all three of these books. I am not a Romance reader, and am happy to report that although there is an element in all the books, the main emphasis is the mystery/crime aspect.

This is a rather chilling story centered around attempted suicides.

It is the story of Greer Templeton, owner of a vineyard, who is trying to get on with her life after a horrific accident claimed the life of her brother and girlfriend 12 years ago. She has never let it go, and now the past is rearing it’s ugly head when friends from the past are turning up dead. Texas Ranger Bragg shows up,  but he is not there to just solve the murders.  His brother, a wounded war vet is working for Greer.  Maybe they can all help each other.

It’s a good read!



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