No Escape by Mary Burton (#2 Texas Rangers)

No Escape (Texas Rangers, #2)

No Escape by Mary Burton

Published: 2013




No Escape is the 2nd in the Texas Ranger series by Mary Burton.

Dr. Jo Granger, criminal psychologist is re-united with her ex-husband, Texas Ranger Brody Winchester, when the dying serial killer Harvey Smith requests her presence to hear his confession and whereabouts of additional buried bodies. But why Jo? While at the prison, Smith gives them more information — he tells them another serial killer is out there – his apprentice/son is carrying on where Smith left off. He also starts messing with Jo’s mind.

When Smith’s directions to the gravesites turns out to be true, they find an additional body — more recent then Smiths, and they know the apprentice is definitely active, and indeed burying young women alive, in the style of his father.

While Jo is trying to battle her attraction to her ex, she is also battling some of the things that Smith said about her, and coming up with some unsettling conclusions. The addition of a stalker may send her over te edge.

I have actually been enjoying this series, although it is not my usual genre.

Read: May 2016

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