Envy by Gregg Olsen (#1 Empty Coffin)

Envy (Empty Coffin, #1)

Envy by Gregg Olsen

Published: 2011



Envy by Gregg Olsen is the first in the Empty Coffin Series.

It is a YA Paranormal novel.  That being said, I must have missed the YA part when I was checking out the book.  However, being in my 50’s, I’m entitled to read what I want, and I’ve always enjoyed Gregg Olsen’s true crime novels, so…..  I found I enjoyed this one too.

Taking place in small town Port Gamble Washington, the story is centered around twins Taylor and Hayley Ryan, who have a gift.   When an old friend “Katelyn” is found dead in a bathtub, electrocuted by a coffeemaker, the twins don’t believe it was suicide.  Using their psychic telepathy to investigate further they soon discover more than they wanted, and not just about Katelyn.  The town has many secrets, and bullying is just one of them.

Olsen is a great author, and he did a great job on his first attempt at YA writing (even if I am too old to qualify).


Favorite Quote from Envy: “No one, certainly no teenager, was normal or felt they were. Everyone wore a kind of mask that kept people from really seeing what – or who – was inside”


Read: July 2016

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