Violets are Blue by James Patterson (#7 Alex Cross)

Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross, #7)

Violets are Blue by James Patterson

Published: 2001



Violets are Blue by James Patterson is the 7th in the Detective Alex Cross Series.

This is probably my favorite so far. Maybe it’s because an old case is finally closed. That, and the fact that Alex didn’t automatically jump into bed in love with the next woman he meets.

Alex is again working with Kyle Craig and the FBI and travelling back and forth across the country hunting serial killers. The twist in this one is that he appears to be tracking vampires. Or that is how the victims are being killed anyway. The victims are dying from vampire-like bites, left hanging by their feet, and all the blood drained out of them. Welcome to the world of craziness.

Meanwhile, the “Mastermind” is still taunting Alex and threatening everyone he loves. He killed Alex’s last partner, now will he go after Jamille Hughes?

I think the short chapters contribute to these fast-paced, fast read books.

Favorite Quote from Violets are Blue: “Total paranoia is just total awareness.”

Re-Read: July 2016

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