The Peripheral by William Gibson

The Peripheral

The Peripheral by William Gibson

Published: 2014



Well, I must say, I came very close to “not finishing” this book. And although I am an avid reader, I think that has happened maybe twice in my life (I find it close to impossible to set aside a book without reading it through). Gibson has a strange way of writing, but 100 pages in, I was suddenly hooked…..

Although I found the first pages very confusing, the story line was intriguing, and my decision to stick around proved to be the right one. In this futuristic tale of time-travel, there is a lot of advanced technology, futuristic weapons, political corruption, and surprisingly, even a bit of love… but bottom-line, it’s a murder mystery ! Truly an interesting read…

A few details.  This book is about Flynne and her brother Burton who is a disabled war vet.  When Burton decides to bail on his job to protest some religious zealots, he asks Flynne to take over for him.  By flying a helicopter in a Virtual World, he is in charge of security, and is currently monitoring the activities in a futuristic building.  Flynne agrees to do his job, and part way through his shift, she thinks she sees a murder.  But wasn’t this a game?  Fast forward 70 years ahead, and the event actually happens, and thus the time travel elements.  When Burton’s boss finds out,  Flynne and Burton are asked to come to the future using a “peripheral”, which is an avatar that you connect from another location.  And the future is weird!

I think I may read something a little lighter next, but I will be coming back to William Gibson.


Favorite Quote from The Peripheral: “Because people who couldn’t imagine themselves capable of evil were at a major disadvantage in dealing with people who didn’t need to imagine, because they already were.”


Read: March 2015

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