Dreamcatcher by Stephen King


Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

Published: 2001



Dreamcatcher by Stephen King is, put simply, about an alien invasion. But as we know, Stephen King never writes anything “simply”.

This book is much more than little green (in this case grey) men. This is about four boys who become lifelong friends, and a fifth boy that binds them even closer. It is about four boys who were true heroes when they were young, saving the fifth Downs Syndrome boy (Duddits) from a vicious beating. It turns out Duddits has some rather unique abilities. With Duddits, they managed to find a missing girl who was down a sewage pipe. Together they were complete, cause Duddits “saw the line”, and passed some of his abilities onto them.

When the four go on their annual hunting trip as adults, they have changed, and realize they haven’t visited Duddits for a while, although he has been on their minds a lot. But each has their own problems, and life has gone on. When the “aliens” arrive with their virus, the boys get separated and each must fight both the aliens and the army to survive. Not all of them will make it. However, they are going to need Duddits if any of them are going to make it….and Duddits is dying…

I read this book when it first came out, and just re-read it. Although the Alien Invasion isn’t generally my cup of tea, Stephen King has created such wonderful rich characters (both the good and the bad), that it is well worth the read (in addition to the chuckles about the bad gas and shit-weasels).  And how can you not love someone called “Duddits”.


Favorite Quotes from Dreamcatcher: 

“SSDD Same Shit Different Day”

“He will be with his friends, and that always feels like coming home.”

Reread: May 2016

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