Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and Floundering by Meredith Baxter

Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and Floundering

Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and Floundering by Meredith Baxter

Published: 2011




Untied is the memoir of Meredith Baxter, long-time sitcom mother on Family Ties, and an actress on many made-for-tv movies.

I loved Family Ties, and always had a lot of respect for this woman, so I was very interested in reading her memoir.

I don’t read a lot of autobiographies, because I am never sure of the “truth” behind the tale, so as in this case, I took everything with a grain of salt.  However, most of this rang true.  Although she does take responsibility for things she has done, she is largely portrayed as a victim in this book.

I had known she was an alcoholic, but was not aware how far disease took her.  Her mother is a piece of work, and of course there is David Birney.

This book details her childhood, acting career, her troubled love life, and takes an in-depth look at her alcohol addiction, and her “coming out” in her mid-50’s. The book shows another side of the Family Ties matriarch. An interesting read although half the time I wanted to kick her butt, as she made such poor choices in her life, from one bad relationship to the next.

Overall, I still respect this woman and hope she can respect herself.


Favorite Quote from Untied: “I remember Sarah asking me, when I’d just begun therapy with her, what I looked for in a man. After a few moments of silent, tense deliberation I had it. ‘Hair,’ I blurted. ‘He has to have hair.’


Read: December 2015

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