Roses are Red by James Patterson (#6 Alex Cross)

Roses Are Red (Alex Cross, #6)

Roses Are Red by James Patterson

Published: 2000



Roses are Red by James Patterson is the 6th in the Detective Alex Cross Series.

Another fast-paced action book.

In this one, Alex and the FBI are hunting someone calling himself “The Mastermind”, who is responsible for a number of bank robberies in which people are being murdered for not following directions (even when they do).  He is hiring different people each time he hits a bank, and holding the bank managers family hostage. As far as “The Mastermind” is concerned, there can be no mistakes.

On a personal level, things are not good for Alex.  He and Christine are having issues since her return from being kidnapped.  He knows she can’t handle his line of work, but can he really go into private practice as a psychotherapist, giving up the career he loves?  Now his daughter Jannie is sick.  And he is still supposed to be hunting The Mastermind.   It’s a lot to handle.

There is the “to be continued” feeling at the end of the book (again), but by now that’s normal.


Favorite Quote from Roses are Red: “waiting in hospitals is as close as we get to being in hell before our time”


Re -Read July 2016

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