Magic Unmasked by Megan Crewe (#0.5 Conspiracy of Magic)

Magic Unmasked (Conspiracy of Magic, #0.5)

Magic Unmasked by Megan Crewe

 Published: April 2018 by Another World Press



Magic Unmasked by Megan Crewe is the prequel (#0.5) novella to the Conspiracy of Magic Series, and was written for young adults. It takes place 40 years prior to the first book, Ruthless Magic.

First, I’d like to thank Megan Crewe. As I was about to start the first book of this series (provided by Netgalley), I happened on the authors website, and found this prequel, which I was able to download for free.

My Synopsis:
Magic has not yet found its place in the world. The Mages keep to themselves, not integrating into the “Dull” magicless world, keeping their powers quiet. The Confederation of North American Mages includes a high-ranking group called the “Circle” who create the laws for all the Mages in North America, and they are determined to keep magic secret. That may be about to change.

The year is 1980. Jonathan is a rather naïve 16-year old Mage, who does not understand why they cannot assimilate into the rest of the world, and help the people who so desperately need them. There is talk among his community that Mount St. Helens will soon erupt, but no one is willing to do anything to stop it. Even when they know there will be deaths, the “Circle”, refuses to step up and show themselves. When Jonathan meets Amy, who was born and raised in this magicless world, he is surprised to find that she too has magic, but was unaware. Slowly Jonathan starts to teach her his ways. Together they decide to try to protect the people in the path of the volcano. This will have repercussions.

My Opinions:
Although I am way past being a “young adult”, I don’t let that stop me from enjoying a good story. And this is a good story.  The series definitely shows promise.

Megan Crewe created likeable characters (mostly) with enough depth to get the reader to care about them. The chapters alternate between Jonathan and Amy, so you get both their perspectives of events, which helps the reader visualize their very different lives.

It is a very fast read (it’s a short book too). If this is a quick look into the series, I’m in.

BTW, the publisher should not compare this to the Harry Potter series, as that just does more harm than good.


Read: May 2018


Megan Crewe


About the Author:  Megan Crewe is a Canadian author living in Toronto with her husband and son. She tutors special needs children and teens.  Her novels focus on the YA crowd, in the supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi genres.



Once Gone by Blake Pierce (#1 Riley Paige)

Once Gone (Riley Paige Mystery, #1)

Once Gone by Blake Pierce

 Originally Published: December 2015



Once Gone by Blake Pierce is the 1st in the FBI Agent Riley Paige Detective Series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Kobo Writing Life, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Synopsis:
Riley Paige is on paid leave. In her last case, she had located and followed a serial killer, released his captive, only to be caught and tortured herself. Although she finally escaped after blowing up the house with the killer in it, her mind will not let her believe he is truly dead. The woman she saved is also haunted by this thought.

But the FBI needs her. Riley has a gift that allows her to really get into the mind of a killer. And there is another serial killer out there, stalking, torturing and killing women. He is leaving them posed like dolls, with a rose between their legs, and their eyes sewed open. Riley is the only one who can truly get into his mind.

Riley’s daughter needs her too. 14-year old April is starting to act out, and her mother is so caught up in her past, and her cases, that she has been neglecting her own flesh and blood.

Things have to change….and a killer must be caught. Riley has a lot of work to do.

My Opinions:
For the first novel of a series, this definitely held my attention. It is a really fast read, mostly because I didn’t want to put it down! The pace is good. The characters are fairly developed, although I am sure more will be told in future books. On a personal level, Riley, although flawed, was likeable – eventually. She knows she has issues, and in the end, took measures to correct them, well some of them.

Overall, I am looking forward to continuing this series.


Read: May 2018


Favorite Quotes from Once Gone:

“She felt lightheaded, even dizzy. It was a sensation that she knew all too well—a feeling of falling into an abyss, into a terrible black void, into the killer’s evil mind.”

“You attract what you feel you deserve. You create your own life circumstances.”


About the Author:  Blake Pierce is the author of a number of series including this Riley Paige series, and three other mystery series starring Mackenzie White, Avery Black, and Keri Locke.  Unfortunately, I cannot find any personal tid-bits about him.  Apparently he/she is willing to promote his books, but not him/herself.  That’s a little sad.  I will keep looking.

Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton

Ghost Virus

 Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton

 Publishing Info: May 1, 2018 by Head of Zeus



Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton is a horror novel.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Head of Zeus, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Synopsis:
There are strange deaths occurring in Tooting, a borough of London England. When DC Jerry Pardoe and DS Jamila Patel are called to the home of a young Muslim girl who had her face splashed with sulphuric acid while in her own bed, they aren’t sure if it is a suicide, or perhaps an honor killing.

However, when more strange deaths occur, they can hardly believe they are starting to look at second-hand clothing as a possible murder weapon. It is difficult to fathom how a coat can attach itself to someone, its fibers melding with their flesh, turning the innocent wearer into a killing machine. But that seems to be happening, and as the bodies begin to pile up, the police try to keep things out of the press.  But this may be too much for even the press to handle.

My Opinions:
This was probably one of the most bizarre horror novels I have read. The idea of coats rising up and killing people would be hilarious if Masterton hadn’t made it so gruesome. Still, it was difficult not to see the true silliness in the plot, and early on, I wondered if I should continue reading. However, as the pages drifted by, I developed an interest as to where this was headed next. The author truly has a descriptive flair which he uses to describe limbs being torn apart and intestines removed. The gore abounds, and the premise is unique, but it still seemed too ridiculous.

Bottom line, this one just wasn’t for me. I’m going to try to read something else by Masterton, because he’s been around a long time. I can’t see this being his best.

One more thing….this one isn’t for the squeamish. Oh, and it will make me think twice before buying used clothing.


Read: May 2018


Favorite Quotes from Ghost Virus:

“‘We have a saying in Pakistan,’ said Jamila. ‘It is better to risk humiliation than to stay silent about your feelings. One day there may be nobody there to listen to you.’”

“‘Don’t let’s lose our nerve,’ said Inspector Callow. ‘I fully realise that we’re up against a threat that’s unlike anything we’ve ever had to face before. Infinitely greater in numbers than any jihadi attack. Infinitely more aggressive. And infinitely more difficult to counter.’”


Graham MastertonAbout the Author:  Graham Masterton (1946 – ) was born in Edinburgh where he trained as a newspaper reporter before becoming an editor of mens magazines, and writing “how-to” sex books.  In 1976 he started writing horror novels, and over 100 books later, he is still writing, although he also writes thrillers, historical sagas, children’s horror and short stories.

Red Alert by James Patterson (#5 – NYPD Red)

Red Alert (NYPD Red, #5)

Red Alert by James Patterson & Marshall Karp

  Published: March 2018


Previous Book in the Series: NYPD Red 4


Red Alert is the 5th in the NYPD Red Series by James Patterson and Marshall Karp.

Series Background:
The dynamic duo of Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald team up to be the crime fighters for the elite in New York. They protect and serve the “red-carpet” types – the rich and famous. Zach and Kylie used to have a “thing”, but that is in the past and they are learning to work together again. Okay, let me re-phrase this. Kylie is now married, and Zach is dating. However, Kylie doesn’t really leave Zach alone long enough for him to move on.

My Synopsis:
There are two cases on the go in this one.

When a bomb goes off at a charity event, killing one of the top contributors to a new housing development designed for the homeless, Zach and Kylie are on it. Looks like the Silver Bullet Foundation may be the target. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of clues, except that the bomb was designed by someone currently in prison. Further investigation will lead them to a drug-lord, and to Thailand, and to more dead bodies.

Within hours of the bomb, the team is called to Roosevelt Island, where they find a well-known film director Aubrey Davenport dead on the stones of the decaying Renwick Smallpox Hospital. Although it looks like autoerotic asphyxia gone wrong, it is quickly determined that she was murdered. This case leads the team to her cameraman, her assistant, a judge, and then to the realization that a lot of public officials could be targets, and one of them could be the killer. Apparently Aubrey was producing a documentary starring many of New York’s elite in rather compromising positions.

On a personal level, Zach is still dating the psychologist, and doing well. Kylie’s husband has left her, and she is dating a mystery man. Unfortunately, Zach has concerns about this man, and his investigation could blow up his own relationship, not to mention his partners.

My Opinions:
While my impressions of this series have been up and down, this book was actually quite good. I still don’t like the romantic angles that Patterson insists on putting in his books, as they are usually more annoying than anything else. However, the plot definitely kept my interest, and things progressed rapidly. As always, Patterson’s signature short chapters kept things moving, so it was a quick read. I also like that this one actually has a title, instead of just a number. Finally, a little imagination.

This has easily been the best in the series thus far.

Read: April 2018


Favorite Quotes from Red Alert:

“But telling my new girlfriend that I felt compelled to investigate my old girlfriend’s new boyfriend had all the earmarks of a bad soap opera where the Zach character winds up losing his new girlfriend, his old girlfriend, and his balls.”

“At his age, only performance-enhancing drug he should be using is Metamucil.”

“I believe you just summed up the mission statement of our unit,” I said. “To protect and serve the privileged assholes.”


About the Authors:

 James Patterson is one of the bestselling writers of all time, with more than 170 million books sold worldwide.   Each year, The Patterson Family Foundation awards scholarships to students at 22 different colleges and universities around the country.

Marshall Karp is an American author who, when plans to be a dentist fell through because he flunked biology, ended up in advertising.  He then did a stint where he wrote a play, wrote sitcoms for television, and now teams  up with James Patterson to write the NYPD series.  He lives in New York with his wife.  He has a son, daughter, grandson and dog.



Dying Truth by Angela Marsons (#8 Kim Stone)

Dying Truth (D.I. Kim Stone, #8)

Dying Truth by Angela Marsons

 Published: May 18, 2018 by Bookouture



Previous Book in the Series: #7 – Broken Bones

Dying Truth by Angela Marsons is the 8th in the Detective Kim Stone Series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Series Background:
Detective Kim Stone is tough. She has had to be. Her mother is responsible for Kim’s horrendous childhood, and as a result, currently resides in a psychiatric facility. But Kim has survived, and although her social skills are lacking, her heart is in the right place. Her team consists of three detectives: Bryant, her right hand man, and the person who voices her concerns in a much more diplomatic way than Kim would every think of; Stacey, who can find required information in a seemingly bottomless computer system; and Dawson, who may be a little reckless, but when he finds a stray thread, he is like a dog with a bone.

My Synopsis:
When a 13-year old girl commits suicide at a prestigious school, Kim is suspicious. When another boy at the school is found dead, Kim is sure.  These kids are in trouble. She and her team start to investigate this “elite” school, and find some troubling concerns. Although the principal is against them, there are four clubs at the school, and those few who are picked to be in one of these clubs are in it for life. Being one of the elite members insures that your brothers or sisters will have your back until the day you die.

Kim will have to bite her tongue and go visit her adversary, the notorious Dr. Alex Thorne, hoping that she can shed light on child sociopaths.

Between hazing rituals, secrets, a death 25 years ago, and a ban on publicity, Kim has her job cut out for her. She will have to discover the secret before another child dies. But not everyone will survive this case.

My Opinions:
Angela Marsons is an amazing writer, and this series just gets better with every book. The characters get deeper, and Marsons is not afraid to put any one of them at risk. As we grow closer to her characters, we they become like family, and we cheer their accomplishments, and mourn their losses. This was an exceptional story, and it appears Marsons researched hazing quite extensively. So sad. The plot was wonderful, and every chapter surpassed the last. The ending was…. WOW!

I can’t say enough about this series, except read it!

Read: April 2018


Favorite Quotes from Dying Truth:

“He too had felt the shame every time he was seen eating anything that wasn’t an apple or stick of carrot. Average-sized kids could eat whatever they wanted without judgement or attention. The fat kid received stares and head shakes as though they were doing something wrong.”

“‘You should remember, Inspector. That the past never stays in the past.’”

“‘These folks will do almost anything to protect their precious reputations.’”


Angela MarsonsAbout the Author:  Angela Marsons (1968 – ) is a British author who discovered writing in Primary School when a short piece on the rocks and the sea gained her the only merit point she ever got.   Her books have now sold over 2 million copies worldwide.   She still lives in England with her partner, a Labrador and a “potty-mouthed” grey parrot.

Blood Runs Cold by Dylan Young (#2 Anna Gwynne)

Blood Runs Cold (Detective Anna Gwynne #2)

Blood Runs Cold by Dylan Young

 Published: May 16, 2018 by Bookouture



Previous Book in the Series:  #1 – The Silent Girls


Blood Runs Cold by Dylan Young is the 2nd in the Detective Anna Gwynne series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Series Background:
Anna Gwynne works Cold Cases. Ted Shipwright, Anna’s mentor and friend, just retired after a heart attack. On his recommendation, she was promoted. During their last case together, Anna was introduced to Hector Shaw, who was serving life sentences for multiple murders. He took a shine to Anna, and promised to help solve one of her cold cases. He almost got her killed. He is willing to continue assisting her, but the cost may be too high.

My Synopsis:
Anna has just returned to duty, after being side-lined due to the attempt on her life. She is not one to re-enter the workforce gradually. She has jumped in with both feet. There is a new member in her team, Dave Woakes, and she isn’t sure what to make of him yet. Every time she turns around, he is more of a hindrance than a help.

The team is currently investigating two cold cases.

In 1983, Lucy Bright was raped. She is still alive, although that rape has had a lasting psychological impact. But finally, there may be hope in catching the perpetrator. There was plenty of DNA collected at the time, but no way to analyze it. With current technology, analysis has shown that her rapist is, in all likelihood, one of two brothers. The trick will be finding out which one.  Maybe this will help Lucy heal.

In 2008, Rosie Dawson was kidnapped, and her bleached bones later found in a green garbage bag. She was 10 at the time of her abduction. When a picture of her surfaces on the dark web, it may be a new lead. They will have to go over old territory, old witnesses, and old suspects. But sometimes old witnesses and old suspects can help more than they think. With another girl missing, Anna thinks this killer may have struck again.

Meanwhile, Hector Shaw wants to work with Anna again. He is willing to show her where more bodies are buried, but how much can she trust this convict?

My Opinions:
I am enjoying this new series. It is a refreshing change to have a woman who is strong. A lot of the detective series out there right now show a rather weak or damaged woman trying to overcome her past. Anna has a past too, but she doesn’t dwell on it. She just gets on with the job. She goes with her gut instinct, which is usually right. She believes in herself. My hero! Dylan Young has a great writing style, creating an easy-to-read, and fast-paced book. There’s a lot of action, and the plot is good, everything moving smoothly.

Definitely recommended.

Read: April 2018


Favorite Quotes from Blood Runs Cold:

“Everything about him suggested a kind of suppressed energy, like a shaken bottle of Dr Pepper with the top still on, ready to froth up with one twist.”

“Anything to do with missing children. I don’t know if that’s normal, but when you’re caught up in it, trying to understand, you read and research and watch. Sometimes until your blood runs cold.”

“Taking the road less travelled for no other reason than the wind blows you in that direction.
She’d learned to trust the wind.”


Dylan YoungAbout the Author:  Dylan Young was born in Wales, where he lives today with his wife.  He has published 4 thrillers under the name Dylan Jones; children’s fantasy under the name Rhys A Jones, and Adult fantasy crime as DC Farmer

Cross My Heart by James Patterson (#21 Alex Cross

Cross My Heart (Alex Cross, #21)

Cross My Heart by James Patterson

 Published: November 2013



Cross My Heart by James Patterson is the 21st in the Detective Alex Cross series.

First, I am really annoyed with the author, but am going to try tamp down the anger.

My Synopsis: 
Alex, John and Bree are busy. But when four people are killed inside a Massage parlor, one of them a big-name football star, that case takes precedence for Alex and John. An employee has been kidnapped from the parlor, but there are no leads as to where she may be. While Bree is investigating the case of a kidnapped baby, she discovers that their two cases may be linked. It looks like there have been other massage parlor killings in other states, always with a prostitute kidnapped. At the same time, two small children, always and boy and a girl, are kidnapped from the same city. The team will have to find these new victims before their fate mirrors those of the other cities. Time is running out.

In between trying to solve these two cases, Alex and Bree are still looking for Ava, the young girl who they were fostering, and who is now back on the streets. They are also having their home re-modelled, which is leaving NanaMama in a high state of anxiety.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a monster is hunting Alex. This man believes he is superior to everyone, and that he can get away with anything he sets his mind to. And his mind is set on making Alex suffer. He and his partner are watching every move Alex and the family make so that when the time comes, he is ready to pounce.

My Opinions: 
The plot was great, the short chapters made the pace fast, and it is a quick read. I liked how Patterson had the women in Alex’s life standing up and being a hero for a change. Up until the last couple of chapters, I was really enjoying this book. But as I got closer to the end, I knew what was coming. The book didn’t end. Seriously, there was no ending. It’s a “stay tuned for the next book” kind of thing. You are left totally up in the air. And angry.

While this is one of the better Cross novels, I am never a big fan of cliff hangers. Particularly one of this magnitude, by an author who doesn’t need to convince people to buy his next book. I always think this kind of writing is a money grab, and it annoys me when it is done by such a prolific writer. If I didn’t already have the next book, this would have been the end for me. James Patterson has annoyed me for years with this series, but I thought the last four or five books have been really good. Up to the last chapter, this one was too. 

I am struggling to rate this book. It was a 4 or 5 stars book, but the ending makes me want to give it no stars! Bottom line, I am swallowing my anger, and awarding it 3 because, barring the lack of closure, it was really good. I am just very disappointed.

Read: March 2018


Favorite Quotes from Cross My Heart:

“But I was surprised at your suggestion that someone like your perfect detective could be made to see that life was meaningless and valueless, and …”
“In so doing become a perfect criminal himself?”

“With an existential lifestyle you ascribe no meaning to anything, even your identity, so you can be anyone you want, at any moment you want.”


About the Author:  James Patterson is one of the bestselling writers of all time, with more than 170 million books sold worldwide.  Each year, The Patterson Family Foundation awards scholarships to students at 22 different colleges and universities around the country.




The Good Twin by Marti Green

The Good Twin

The Good Twin by Marti Green

  Publish Date: May 15, 2018 by Thomas & Mercer

3.5 stars (Really 3.75 stars)


The Good Twin by Marti Green is a psychological thriller.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Thomas & Mercer, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. As well, a special thanks to Rebecca at Mindbuck Media for approaching me with a request to read and add my review to my blog.

My Synopsis:
Two identical twin girls. Mallory, kept by her mother, grows up poor. She is single, works as a waitress, but aspires to be an artist. Charly, given up for adoption, grows up in a wealthy family. She is married to Ben, owns her own art gallery, and has everything she could want. Neither is aware of the others existence. When Mallory discovers she has a twin sister, she is ecstatic. She always wanted a family. When she meets Charly’s husband, her hopes are dashed. Apparently her rich, uppity sister wants nothing to do with her. But Ben has a plan to make sure that Mallory gets what she wants…although he has his own motives. Mallory decides to go along with Ben’s plan, and that may be the worst decision of her life.

The book asks the questions. How far would you go for money? How far would you go for family?

My Opinions:
Told from both Mallory’s and Charly’s viewpoint, the story is one of greed, of family, of values. As far as I’m concerned, none of the main characters show any integrity or morals. I have a real problem with books where I cannot sympathize to some degree with the protagonist. I almost stopped reading at about 40% because I was so disgusted with Mallory. At 50% it turned around, and I felt great relief. Unfortunately, the direction changed again, and again, until I was left more annoyed than happy with the characters.  

However, the writing style was good, the book is a fast read, and there are enough twists and turns to keep any reader interested. The plot more than made up for the characters being sleazy. Once I got to that 50% mark, it was almost impossible to put down.

I would definitely like to read something else by this author.


Read: May 2018


Favorite Quotes from The Good Twin:

“Don’t judge so quickly. Life decisions aren’t always black and white.”

“I walked past, I decided I was tired of being the good sister. I was tired of struggling. It was my turn now.”


Marti Green

About the Author:  Marti Green has a master’s degree in school psychology and a law degree.  She is the author of five legal thrillers.   She is a passionate traveler, the mother of two adult sons, and the proud grandmother of five grandchildren. She lives in central Florida with her husband, Lenny, and her cat, Howie. 

The Retreat by Mark Edwards

The Retreat

 The Retreat by Mark Edwards

 Publish Date: May 10, 2018 by Thomas and Mercer



The Retreat by Mark Edwards is a mystery/thriller.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Thomas & Mercer, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Synopsis: 
Lucas Radcliffe needs to write/finish his new horror novel. He finds the perfect place to do so. Julia Marsh has recently turned her home into a writers retreat, and he will be one of her first four “guests”. It turns out the atmosphere at Nyth Bran may be just perfect for a horror novelist. Julia’s daughter has “been missing” for two years. Most people assume she drowned in the nearby river, which also took the life of Julia’s husband. Others believe that the “Red Widow” took her from the woods. Julia believes neither. Until she sees proof of death, she will continue in her belief that Lily is still alive. 

Behind Julia’s back, Lucas hires a private investigator to make sure that the police covered every base. Lucas ends up looking into things himself, and he hears the story of the “Red Widow”, who apparently takes a child from the woods every 35 years. If the town doesn’t supply the child, the Widow decides who to take, usually a newcomer, or one from a broken home…one that may not be missed. When the residents of the Retreat start hearing voices, and things go missing, there is confusion. But when people start dying, and Lucas is attacked, things have definitely taken a turn. Lucas doesn`t know who to believe, and starts to doubt even Julia`s sanity.

My Opinions: 
This is the first novel I have read by Mark Edwards, but doubt it will be the last. 

The story is really about myths…how they start, how they develop, how they spread, and how they are believed – by young and old. I really enjoyed how the author sunk his teeth into that. It is a rather dark and creepy tale. 

Edwards writing style is smooth, and he develops his story really well, providing pieces of the puzzle through different characters. The suspense builds nicely, and the pace is good. You can really feel the angst of a mother missing her daughter, and the anger when things go awry. Although I did suspect who was behind everything, I was never 100% sure until the end. Speaking of the end, nice twist!

Looking forward to more by this author!

Read: April 2018

Favorite Quote from The Retreat:

“Belief. That’s what this whole screwed-up situation came down to.  The power of stories, of superstition and fear.”


Mark  Edwards About the Author:  Mark Edwards (1970 – ) is a British novelist, whose past careers have included everything from answering complaint calls for a rail company to teaching English in Japan and being a marketing director.  He now writes full-time, and has co-written a number of books with Louise Voss.  He lives in England with his wife, three children, a ginger cat and a golden retriever.


Still Water by Amy Stuart (#2 Still)

Still Water (Still, #2)

Still Water by Amy Stuart

 Published: May 8 2018 by Simon and Schuster

3.5 stars


Previous Book in the Series: Still Mine

Still Water by Amy Stuart is the 2nd in the Still mystery series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Simon and Schuster Canada, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Series Background:
Clare had been running from an abusive husband for a while when she met the private investigator that Jason had hired to find her. Instead of turning her in, Malcolm hired Clare to work with him to find other missing persons. Although Malcolm assures her that Jason is out of the picture, Clare knows that is not true.

My Synopsis:
Clare is still recovering from the bullet wound that she suffered while solving her first missing persons case with Malcolm. She is now undercover at a private women’s shelter, looking for a missing woman called Sally, and her two-year old boy Will. By all accounts, the two have drowned. But she’s not so sure. The house and family that Sally had been living with seems to have its own share of tragedy. The owner, Helen Haines, offers a safe haven to women who are hiding from abusive relationships. Women, and their children, are welcome to stay in her home as long as they need to. Helen inherited the house after her parents died. She was fifteen when her father shot her mother in front of her, and Markus, her younger brother shot their father. Baby Jordan slept through it all.

When Clare arrives with the story that she is looking for her friend Sally, she finds an odd assortment of people with ties to this house. Jordan became a lawyer and sees to all legal matters for the women that Helen takes in. Markus and his wife live on the other side of the river with their son. Ginny, Helen’s daughter travels between the house and college. Clare also questions the motives of the police who are investigating Sally’s disappearance. Something’s not right. It seems that everyone is hiding something, everyone is lying, and everyone has a hidden agenda.

Meanwhile, Clare is also starting to question Malcolm’s credibility. He hasn’t told her anything about his past, and although Clare knows he looked after her while she recovered from the shooting, that time is very foggy in her mind. She fears there is something serious that Malcolm is not telling her.

My Opinions:
Although I don’t actually like Clare much more than I did in the first book, this book definitely kept me entertained. Actually, I didn’t really like any of the characters other than Somers and Malcolm. I’m hoping that Clare will grow on me soon. I’m trying to find some redeeming qualities, and other than the fact that she does seem to care for the downtrodden, I still find her weak, needy, and selfish. Not good characters for the protagonist.

The book is a fast read, and it flowed smoothly, but I think there were a few “holes” in the storyline. Clare’s cover story was too fragile, and should not (for obvious reasons to the readers), have worked at all. As well, talking to someone on your cell and meeting friends in a town where you are hiding, and supposedly don’t know anyone….seems like questionable behaviour.

After all that, I am still looking forward to the next book….hoping to find more about Malcom.

Read: May 2018

Favorite Quotes from Still Water:

“There are three sides to every story? Yours, mine and the truth.”

“No matter what your circumstance, Clare’s mother used to say, you always have a choice. It’s always your choice.”


Amy StuartAbout the Author:  Amy Stuart is a Canadian author, born in Toronto, where she still lives with her husband and three children. Aside from writing, she loves hockey.