Dead to Me by Stephen Edger (#1 Kate Matthews)

Dead To Me (Detective Kate Matthews, #1)

Dead to Me by Stephen Edger

 Published: August 2017



Dead to Me by Stephen Edger is the 1st in the Detective Kate Matthews crime series.

Detective Inspector Kate Matthews is relatively new to this normally rather quiet precinct.  She was transferred from her last position due to problems which she doesn’t really want to think about, and she needs to prove herself.  Thus far, her new co-workers have not been too welcoming. 

Suddenly, there have been three murders and Kate finds herself in the middle of all of them.  After working a bit on two of them, she is assigned the third case, a woman who has been tortured to death.  Kate thinks there may be a serial killer on the loose, but does not share her information with the detectives who were assigned the other two cases.  Even when she is being threatened, and being given insider information to the other killings, Kate keeps silent.

Kate’s personal life is also keeping her busy, although with Kate, the job apparently comes first.  She has no time for romance, little for friendship, and even less for her aging mother who is in a nursing home.  Now she is being burdened with looking after (I say this loosely) her 6-year old daughter for a few days.  Chloe is generally in her dad’s custody, but he has an emergency, and can’t find anyone else to look after his daughter.  Says a lot about Kate’s character that she was the last resort.

Admittedly, I loathed the character of Kate Matthews.  I wouldn’t have had a problem if she was fired for insubordination and reckless endangerment of her own colleagues, and permanently banned access to her child.  I know that once or twice, she left her child in the apartment by herself while she ran out, even when she thought there might be someone in the building.  Then, having her try to drag subordinates down with her by requesting they perform some rather questionable actions was reprehensible.   It really annoys me when an author has given a woman a relatively high-ranking position, and then has her behave like a rookie.   It would be one thing if you were writing a series about a bad cop, or someone on the take, but I don’t think the author has that in mind for the character.  Kate continually jeopardizes the case, her co-workers and her daughter.  It is one thing to have a flawed detective (as many current books do), but it is another to have that character not only disrespects authority, she disrespects her colleagues, friends and motherhood. The fact that I could not relate to, had no respect for, and totally disliked the protagonist in this story, led to my low rating.

Glad I got that off my chest !

So, why did I keep reading? Several reasons.

First, I still can’t quite give up on a book.  Second, I received the next book in this series through NetGalley, so felt I should read this first.

I also continued to read it because I figured that sooner or later Kate Matthews would redeem herself.  She eventually did so, (about 75-80% in) – too little, too late.  I was already too disgusted with her behaviour.  However, the book has a really good plot, is well-paced, and full of suspense.  The writing is excellent.  The ending was a surprise, although it didn’t follow any evidence in the first 92% of the book, and I did not like the way the killer was dealt with.  It didn’t feel right.  All of these things contribute to my dismal rating.  However, it could so easily have been a 4 star book if the main character had not been so offensive. 

This book angered me (not many do).  Actually, the author angered me by creating a well-educated woman whose career and self would become first priority over family and others, and her lack of ethics and morality did not jive with her job title.  I really hope the second in the series is better….I think I’ll read something else in between so that I don’t carry over and residual anger.

I guess this book was just not for me.  I have read other reviews of this book, from people who really enjoyed it, so….to each their own. 


Read: January 2018


Favorite Quotes from Dead to Me:

“Nothing ever quite compared to the buzz of a new crime scene, an untouched puzzle fresh out of the box.”

“‘Remember to always apply the “ABC” principle, Laura: assume nothing; believe nothing; check everything.”


About the Author:   Stephen Edger is a British crime and thriller author. He works in the financial industry, and has a law degree.  In addition to this, he has a wife, 2 children, and 2 Westies.  Not sure where he found time to write over a dozen novels.  


The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo (#5 Harry Hole)

The Devil's Star (Harry Hole, #5)

The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo

 Originally Published: 2003



The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo is the 5th in the Norwegian Detective Harry Hole series.

Harry’s days in the police service may be over.  He is on notice.  After spending much of the last five months trying to build a case against his fellow police officer Tom Waaler for the death of Harry’s partner Ellen, he has failed.  His last chance of producing a witness has vanished.  He knows Waaler is dirty, but can’t prove anything.  Along with this hopes of proving Tom guilty, he has lost Rakel and her son Oleg who had become the only light in his life.  He has also lost his sobriety.  He spends more time with a bottle than with any human, and his days are passing in a stupor.

Harry’s boss has tried to help, but to no avail.  He knows that the only way Harry can get his sanity back is to work.  But the case he will assign to Harry will either heal him or break him.  Harry will have to work with Tom Waaler.

A woman is found in her apartment with her finger missing and a blood red diamond in the shape of a star is found under her eyelid.  Harry is intrigued, and when another body is found, he admits that if he has to work with Waaler to solve this case, so be it.

Although I find Nesbo a little long-winded at times, his plots are always interesting, and the dynamics between his characters is strong.  Harry himself is an enigma.  A sometimes raving alcoholic, but with one of the best solve rates in the force.  Not a team player, yet always convincing someone to help him.  Not great in the romance department, but managed to find a wonderful woman who cares for him (when he’s not pushing her away). 

Nesbo’s talent for writing deep characters and plots with twists leave me anxious for the next one, but knowing I need a break between books. 

p.s. I am still struggling with the place names and those of the characters. Maybe I need a map and pronunciation guide.


Read: January 2018


Favorite Quotes from The Devil’s Star:

“The Chief Inspector sighed when his finger stopped against the name he had been hoping to avoid.  Harry Hole. The lone wolf, the drunk, the department’s enfant terrible and, apart from Tom Waaler, the best detective on the sixth floor.”

“To have the chance of being loved we have to take a chance on being destroyed inside.”

“‘It’s what we call a mare cross, or a devil’s star.’
‘A mare cross?’
‘A pagan symbol. They used to carve it over beds or doorways to keep away the mare.’
‘The mare?’
‘The mare, yes. As in nightmare. A female demon who sits on the chest of a sleeping person and rides him so that he has bad dreams.”


Image result for jo nesbo


About the Author:  Jo Nesbo (1960 – ) (pronounced “you nesbaugh”)  is a Norwegian author.   When his dreams of being a soccer star were dashed by an injury, he entered the military, then he entered the world of finance, then formed several bands.  Then he started writing.  He has never stopped.  Apparently he still rock climbs.


Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray

Her Best Friend

 Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray

 Published: November 2017



Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray is a mystery/thriller, and the second book this author has published.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Twenty years ago, teenagers Sylvie Armstrong and Victoria Bland were best friends. Almost inseparable.  Until Victoria’s body was found in a nearby lake.  Shortly after, Sylvie’s dad passed away, and she was sent to live with her Aunt.  She has never spoken of that time, and has never been back.

Twenty years is a long time.  Now Sylvie has returned to clean up the house after her mother died.  Sam Price, a film maker, has also arrived in Conley, and wants to do a documentary on the mysterious death of Victoria.  No one was ever found guilty of the crime, and a true-crime website has re-awoken this mystery.  Sam is going to stir everything up again.  Victoria’s mother is thrilled.  Not too many other people share that feeling.  For Sylvie, the memories will bring heartbreak, and she will have to decide whether she can live with a secret, or risk everything to share it.

First, I loved this book.  It kept you enthralled, and was really hard to put down. Thankfully the writing was smooth (if a little slow paced), but a real easy read.  The author told the story from Sylvie’s point of view in the past and the present, with an occasional chapter from Sam’s perspective.  This brought all the characters into focus. Speaking of the characters, all of them have a few questionable traits that add to the mystery.  The twist at the end was wonderful.  A real surprise.

Well, that was fun!  Going to have to read more of Sarah Wray’s books.

Read: January 2018

Sarah Wray

About the Author:  Sarah Wray is a British author, who currently works as a freelance technology writer and editor.


Doll House by John Hunt

Doll House

Doll House by John Hunt

 Published: January 2017



Doll House by John Hunt is a thriller/horror novel.

It is a very dark tale of abduction and torture.  Let the reader be warned.

It was also a very good book. Although graphic, the writing is clear, concise, and where the author could have dragged out some of the torture scenes, he left a little to our imaginations (sometimes my imagination can be worse than the real thing, so….)

One other thing, the book takes place in Southern Ontario….right around the corner from my hometown, so it has to be good, right?

Here goes….

Olivia is ready to take the next step in life. She is off to University, about to leave the father who raised her.  He is a little worried about letting her go, but does nothing but encourage her to pursue her dreams.   She is a little worried too, but hides it so her father doesn’t worry more.  It’s a great time to be alive.  Until it isn’t.  Taking a tour around campus the first night, Olivia is abducted by two men in masks.  For the next five years, she will be held, raped, and tortured, in a pink room by “Gorilla Man” and “The Jackal”.  They never remove their masks.  But she never loses her desire to be free.

Meanwhile, her father sinks into alcoholism.  Nothing he can do will lift the veil of darkness that surrounds him.

When Olivia escapes, it will take a lot to heal both their physical and emotional scars. The worst will be the fear, because one of her captors is still out there.

The story is told from both their viewpoints, and later from the point of the Jackal. The author built up the suspense really well, so it was a fairly fast read.  As well, trying to guess the identity of the abductor kept you going.  It was hard to put down. 

Again, if you are squeamish, this may not be the book for you.

Did I mention the author is Canadian? I will definitely be looking for more.  I understand there may be something new in 2018!


Read: November 2017


Favorite Quotes from Doll House:

“The best lies, the most convincing, are the ones we tell ourselves. And no one can lie better better than an alcoholic.”

“One day you woke up, looked around and started saying things like, “It was better back then,” or, “Music nowadays is just noise,” and when the words leave your lips, you’re stunned, thinking, man, when did this old guy appear?” 


About the Author:  A busy father of four, John Hunt  had not started writing until late 2009.  Most of his writing is done during his spare time.  His short stories have been published nine times.  This is his debut novel.  He works and lives in the city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada with his family.

Mother by S.E. Lynes


Mother by S.E. Lynes

 Published: November 2017



Mother by S.E. Lynes is a mystery, and the first book I have read by this author.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This one makes you think!

Christopher Harris grows up without ever really fitting in with his family.  He is a loner, spending most of his time in his room, and his social skills suffer.  It is not until he is ready to leave for university that he discovers he was adopted.  His life suddenly makes sense.  He now has his purpose in life.  To find his birth mother.  This purpose will become an obsession.

His room-mate at university, Adam, teaches him how to dress, how to drink, how to talk to girls.  They become friends.  Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Ripper is stalking young women in the area, and Christopher secretly becomes consumed by the events.  He doesn’t share that information with Adam, nor does he share the fact that he was looking for, and has found his mother.  He is getting really good at keeping secrets.  But his search is over.  He has found her, and everything seems too good to be true.  Even Christopher questions the results sometimes.  Perhaps he should, because something isn’t right.  Is he fooling himself?  Is he fooling others?  Is the truth in there somewhere?

The question remains….how far will you go to have the perfect family?

The story is told by an unknown source, but still from Christopher’s perspective.  It makes you wonder who the narrator is right to the end.  (I tossed a couple of ideas about before I reached the correct conclusion).  Occasionally, the story is told by Ben, which definitely had me confused for a bit.

I admit to finding the beginning rather slow (and that’s the only reason for my 4 instead of 5 star rating), but once the story started unfolding, the book was hard to put down. The characters and relationships were mesmerizing.  I really felt I understood where Christopher was coming from, and his need to belong – until I didn’t.  As much as I wanted him to have a good relationship with his new mother, I hated the way he left his old family behind.  And then there was the closeness he felt with his new mother.  That was a little creepy.  It actually didn’t take too long to determine that Christopher was a little more messed up than I had originally thought.  The author really got deep into the characters, and since Christopher sometimes questioned his actions, I found myself questioning a lot of things.

Loved the book, and highly recommend it.  This is actually her second novel, and it looks like I’m going to have to go find her first – Valentina.


Read: January 2018


Favorite Quotes from Mother:

“For the rest of that term, Christopher spent every other weekend with Phyllis, and it strikes me now that he went from stranger to son quicker than acquaintance to friend, quicker than most people agree to a second date. But that’s the way it happened. Only fools rush in, but love makes fools of us all.”

“Sometimes when we think something, we have no idea how true it is, nor indeed do we realise the implication of that truth until later.”


S.E. LynesAbout the Author: SE Lynes is a British author who worked as a reporter, researcher and finally a producer at the BBC before moving with her husband, Paul, and two young children to Rome. After her third child, she returned to the UK, and now spends her time writing and lecturing.



A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny (#12 Armand Gamache)

A Great Reckoning (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #12)

A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny

 Published:  August 2016



A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny is the 12th in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (Three Pines) Mystery novels.

Armand Gamache is coming out of retirement.  He has decided to continue to fight the corruption that had plagued the Quebec Police Force, by tackling the school itself.  He has taken over as the Head Commander of the Police Academy, in hopes that his influence and changes to the programs will provide a good basis for the cadets to follow. 

As always, Armand sees the good in people, and he seems to be recruiting some of the runts of the litter as freshmen.  That seems like a strange plan.  As well, there are students who have already been corrupted by the old regime, and may not accept the changes which Armand is instituting.  The fact that he is keeping some of the professors who may have been involved in the previous scandals but whose crime could not be proven, may also prove questionable.  The professors may have been competent, but they were cruel, and their students followed suit.  Armand has brought in a few new professors with integrity, but who also know that power brings temptation.  However, he may have kept one too many of the old teachers.  Perhaps his judgement is a little off, for it is quickly apparent that there is still an enemy or two inside the walls of his beloved Academy.

Meanwhile, an old map is found in the walls of the bistro in Three Pines.  Armand takes four of his cadets and gives them the little project of discovering more about the map. Where the map takes them is beyond everyone’s imagination.  And when a copy of the map turns up in the room of a dead professor, suspicions turn toward the unlikely.

This was a really good book on so many levels.  The love between Armand and Rene-Marie was clear.  It also shows the depths of Armand’s current friendships, and a look at his past friendships and family, and the many turns these took.  As well, it showed Armand’s ability to let go of the past.

As a fellow Canadian, I love Penny’s work.  I have been a die-hard fan since I picked up the first Gamache book.  Her characters are strong, deep, and highly entertaining. Sometimes the humour cuts right through the suspense and gives you a needed breath. This book must have been a nightmare to write, as it was written through the heartache of her dear husband’s diagnosis and stages of Dementia.  I am sure she wanted to spend every waking moment with Michael, and I am sure, while he could, he gave her that strength. 

In other series, by this time my interest would have waned, but with the Armand Gamache series, my anticipation always rises, and I crave the next book.

Again, I definitely recommend this book/series/author. I encourage readers to start at the beginning of the series (Still Life).


Read: December 2017


Favorite Quotes from A Day of Reckoning:

“It’s not a ‘police kindness.’ It’s a police force. It’s called that for a reason. We use force. We are a force. And one to be reckoned with.”

“Don’t believe everything you think,” said Gamache, before releasing the hand and opening the door. “Pema Chödrön. A Buddhist nun.”

“We are introduced to Goodness every day. Even in drawing-rooms among a crowd of faults. It’s so easy to get mired in the all too obvious cruelty of the world. It’s natural. But to really heal, we need to recognize the goodness too.”


Louise PennyAbout the Author:  (July 1, 1958 –  ) Louise Penny is a Canadian author.  Once a journalist with CBC, she now devotes most of her time to writing.   She is the New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author of the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novels. She has been awarded the John Creasey Dagger, Nero, Macavity, and Barry Awards, as well as two each of the Arthur Ellis and Dilys Awards. Additionally, Louise has won five Agatha Awards and four Anthony Awards. 

10th Anniversary by James Patterson (#10 Women’s Murder Club)

10th Anniversary (Women's Murder Club, #10)

10th Anniversary by James Patterson (with Maxine Paetro)

 Published: 2011



10th Anniversary by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro is the 10th in the Women’s Murder Club Mystery series.

The murder club consists of Lindsay Boxer, Homicide Detective; Claire Washburn, Medical Examiner; Yuki Castellano, Assistant District Attorney; and Cindy Thomas, Reporter. Together, they try to put the bad guys away.

There are three cases that are keeping our club members busy.

Lindsay gets married, but this soon takes a back seat to a young girl who is found wandering the streets just after giving birth and her baby missing. With her own desires for a child of her own, Lindsay is determined to find this newborn. 

Yuki, meanwhile is prosecuting a big-named heart surgeon for the murder of her husband, but there is much more here than meets the eye. 

Cindy risks her own life when trying to find the culprit who is picking up women, drugging and raping them, and then leaving them near their homes. None of the victims know what happened to them.

This book also deals with the groups individual relationships. Lindsay’s new marriage and urge to have a family, Yuki’s new boyfriend, Cindy and Rich’s growing involvement, and finally, the bond between Lindsay and Claire.

For some reason I thought the title of the book would be worked into the storyline somehow, but it was a blurb at the end that introduced the reasoning behind this title. Nothing earth-shattering. 

I actually liked the storylines in this book (which is my only reason for a 3* review). The cases were all interesting, but somewhere along the line, the actual “Women’s Murder Club” theme got missed. There was no weaving of the storylines, and no “let’s sit down and figure this out” moment. The authors seem to have forgotten that these women are supposed to be solving the crimes together. That was one of the reasons I like the series. A group of women problem-solving. It was unique. 

The short chapters, as always, keeps the pace moving quickly, but perhaps a little more depth would be in order.

I am hoping the next book will keep me interested.


Read: November 2017


About the Authors: 

James Patterson is one of the bestselling writers of all time, with more than 170 million books sold worldwide.  His lifelong passion for books and reading led him to launch a new website,, which helps parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians find the very best children’s books for their kids.  Each year, The Patterson Family Foundation awards scholarships to students at 22 different colleges and universities around the country.

Maxine Paetro is a novelist and journalist, who lives in New York.  She has collaborated with James Patterson on a number of his Women’s Murder Club novels.



Forget Me Not by Kierney Scott (#1 – Jess Bishop)

Forget Me Not (Detective Jess Bishop, #1)

Forget Me Not  by Kierney Scott

(originally titled Now You See Me)

Published: November 2017



Forget Me Not by Kierney Scott is the 1st in the FBI Agent Jess Bishop Series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When the torso of a young woman is found in a Louisiana bayou, Jess knows this is the not the first, nor will it be the last victim of this serial killer.  The same excised marks are found in the flesh as the previous two victims.  Unfortunately, with no heads or appendages found, they have not been able to identify these poor victims.  This time, however, there may be something which will identify the woman, and they will have a place to start.  Unfortunately, the clues that have been found thus far are very reminiscent of a case Jess has been trying to forget about since she was a child.  Memories are re-surfacing that she would have liked to keep buried.  The idea of sharing her past with her co-workers has no appeal.

Meanwhile, Jess’s old partner, Jamison Briggs, is back from 2 years of working undercover.  They were very close, and he was the only one she entrusted with her life story, and he had reciprocated.  Then he left.  Jess isn’t sure she can handle being partnered with him again, especially after hearing his “news”.  It almost killed her when he left last time, and she isn’t going to trust him again so easily.

Jess is a very strong woman, but she is a very broken woman, and until she confronts her past, she cannot heal.  She has gotten good at shutting people out.  She has learned to deal with stresses in a rather unique way, one that sooner or later could be her downfall. 

I loved this book.  Scott is really descriptive.  Whether it is describing the Spanish moss on the trees, or a dead body, the images jump right out.  It is action-packed, and has so many twists it will leave you spinning.  I thought I knew who the killer was, and changed my mind half a dozen times, til I came back to my first thought.   Scott provided us good insight into her characters and  Jess is not your average FBI Agent.  Her flaws run deep, and I didn’t particularly like her at first.  Actually the urge to smack her rose again and again.  It then became fairly obvious that she needs some serious counselling, and then her character grew on me.

This is the first book I’ve read by Scott, and I am aware she has written romance novels up to this point.  I am not a romance reader, but if she continues to add books to this series, I’ll be first in line!


Read: December 2017


Favorite Quotes from Forget Me Not:

“Ezra is crazy as a box of frogs but harmless” was not an alibi in her book.”

“She wasn’t a big fan of small talk because it gave people the opportunity to ask personal questions.”

“There was no malice or intent with dogs. They didn’t hurt people for the thrill of it. That’s why she liked them.”


Kierney Scott


About the Author:  Kierney Scott, although American born,  lives in Scotland with her husband and their daughter.   In her spare time, she bakes


Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson (#19 Alex Cross)

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson

Published:  November, 2012



Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson is the 19th in the Detective Alex Cross series.

Christmas Eve begins with Alex being called away from home to catch a thief who is stealing from the poor box at Alex’s church.  Not a problem, although Alex’s family was not impressed with his absence.

Still Christmas Eve, and Alex is called out again, this time to handle a hostage situation.  A man is holding his children, his ex-wife and her new husband, and their neighbour as hostages, threatening to kill them all.  He is high on meth, and heavily armed.  Alex can’t quite figure out how he ended up being with someone else’s family on this night instead of his own, but if he wants to get home, he’ll have to figure out why this man is hell-bent on killing his family.   Alex’s own family is definitely not handling his second absence on this special day at all well.

Christmas Day brings a new set of challenges. Did I mention that Hala Al Dossari, the notorious terrorist is back?

It’s all about family on Christmas.  A junkie driven mad by addiction, stealing for his family.  A man driven mad by guilt, holding his family hostage.  A woman driven mad by faith, doing it for “The Family”.  Alex confronts them all, and while he questions his own decisions to be away from his family at this special time of year, he also questions his own morals.  How far is he willing to go?

This is Patterson’s typical fast read, enabled by short chapters and non-stop action. Although a little dis-jointed, this was one of his better stories. It kept you awake, without making you think too hard. It also handled terrorism and torture in a more direct way than Patterson usually does.

Try to be with your own family this Christmas!  Merry Christmas to all !!!!!


Read: November 2017


Favorite Quotes from Merry Christmas, Alex Cross:

“I skipped his rap sheet for the moment, wanting to understand who he had been before all this. In some ways, it was like taking a walk with the Ghost of Christmas Past.”

“There’s no rest for the wicked and no snooze button on the human time bomb.”

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I just want you to remember that there are consequences to everything.”


About the Author:  James Patterson is one of the bestselling writers of all time, with more than 170 million books sold worldwide.  His lifelong passion for books and reading led him to launch a new website,, which helps parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians find the very best children’s books for their kids.  Each year, The Patterson Family Foundation awards scholarships to students at 22 different colleges and universities around the country.

Gone Missing by T.J. Brearton

Gone Missing

Gone Missing by T.J. Brearton

 Published: November 2017




Gone Missing by T.J. Brearton is a thriller, and the first I have read by this author.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Katie Calumet runs every morning, taking one of three routes.  She is in good shape.  Today she should have stayed at home.  When she hears the sound of a baby crying inside a van, she stops to investigate.  Then her world goes dark.  Her next conscious thought finds her bound and blindfolded in the back of that van, and being harassed by one of her kidnappers. 

Katie is determined to get out of this situation.  Her will to survive is strong.  She refuses to give up, although this ordeal will have her questioning her own abilities, both physical and emotional. 

Katie’s husband is devastated but will not give up the search.  He tries to be involved every step of the way.

Katie’s father will pay anything to get her back, but does this very wealthy man have enough cash to do so?. 

Detective Justin Cross is determined to find her, even with so little evidence. The trail is leading them into the heavily forested and dangerous Adirondack Mountains.  He doesn’t know how long Katie can survive in the harsh climate, and he doesn’t know who her kidnappers are, but what he really doesn’t understand is Katie’s family.  Why are they lying?  Are they protecting someone?  Or are their lies just “family stuff” as they claim.

Time is running out.

This was a really good mystery.  It is true suspense, and a very action-packed novel, which made it a very fast read.  One of those stay up late to read the next chapter(s) kind of book. I loved the characters, who stay true to themselves from beginning to end.  I like how the author alternated the perspectives between the detective and Katie, so that you felt the frustrations, struggles and determination from both of them.

This is the first I’ve read from this author, but it won’t be the last.


Read: December 2017


Favorite Quote from Gone Missing:

“But she doesn’t need me,” David went on. “She doesn’t need me to rescue her. I’ll be out there every day, there’s no doubt about that. But what I mean is – Katie is the one doing this. I’m just there to keep her company.”


Image result for tj breartonAbout the Author:  TJ Brearton is an American author whose books have been in the Top 100 for the Amazon Kindle.  He has written 13 novels so far.  He now lives in the Adirondacks with his wife and three children where he writes full time, but his list of previous jobs include construction, bar-tending and cleaning the moss off tombstones.